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1. Panko Wapshot;
He dances a duel against the Four Armed Snaveler.
2. Bungles and Chelts
A merry farce
3. The Four Scorpions and the Drunken Snaveler
See them at their tricks and pranks
4. Miffet and his Wonderful Sand-machine:
A notable invention!
5. Other farces and displays. At Twinkner's Plaza, under Twinkner's Shade, on the 20th day of Dirdolio.



Whippity Ticket and the Inept Bungles
Jumping Jipsum and the Unwilling Chelts
Caliogo and Offish
The mad khoontz catches and imbecile snaveler
With other amusing tricks, poses, and acrobatic feats.

Jack Vance - The Demon Princes "The Face"


Chamjari's Profile Picture
Charles Williams
Artist | Other
South Korea
I create Worm Rider sculptures out of air clay to populate a dying world of insanity. I also write songs about some pretty serious shit like Hellavators and Alien Knives.
I currently reside in Seoul, Korea but I'm originally from Texas.

Feel the call of Adventure as your feeble mind
teeters on the precipice of
Only you can save a world of limitless chaos
in the realm of...
The Worm Riders

If you want to see interesting and rare pictures of Seoul, check out

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AdorablyHuman Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the watch :D
Chamjari Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2015   Artist were interesting and cool
Chamjari Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014   Artist
And well they might show signs of fear, for crawling about the bark's deck were the most horrible creatures I had ever seen. In spite of their unearthly strangeness there was something vaguely familiar about them. Their bodies had something of the shape of a seal's, but of a dead, unhealthy white. The lower part of the body ended in a sort of double-curved tail on which they appeared to be able to shuffle about. In place of arms, they had two long, snaky feelers, at the ends of which were two very humanlike hands, which were equipped with talons instead of nails. Fearsome indeed were these parodies of human beings!
Chamjari Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014   Artist
Then, even as I stood watching the moon rise into view, there came again to me the beginning of that screaming, somewhat like to the sound of a woman sobbing with a giant's voice, and it grew and strengthened until it pierced through the roar of the wind with an amazing clearness, and then slowly, and seeming to echo and echo, it sank away into the distance, and there was again in my ears no sound beyond that of the wind.

William Hope Hodgson
-The Boats of the Glen-Carrig
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